Rotary tiller Rotozappa FG-BIO

Based on a well-established FG rotary tiller, we have created the BIO variant which allows to reduce erosion and soil compaction. Furthermore, by
working more superficially, it allows to increase the working speed. Unique in its category thanks to central gear transmission, available in 2,5 and 3m working widths and ideal for tractors up to 160hp.


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On the ground


The whole range of Alpego Rotary Cultivators features the patented “CENTRAL DRIVE GEAR BOX” made of solid GEARS (no belts, no chains!)

The innovation and uniqueness of the Alpego Rotary Cultivator concept consists on the central transmission that drives the spinning torque from the PTO to the two half rotors through solid gears. This guarantees maximum reliability and less torque dispersion.
Another advantage is the absence of the lateral transmission and therefore a reduction of the overall width.



The pneumatic wheels, with millimetric adjustment, regulate the working depth from 3 to 9cm.

 (Tires: 23x10.5-12 8 PR)


Rotor with square blades suitably inclined to reduce the impact with the soil and obtain an excellent mixing of the organic material. The rotor is mounted on 4 supports in an oil bath with waterproof central and lateral seals.  It has a reinforcing counter flange kit as standard.

Lavorazione FG-BIO



The gearbox has been designed for higher speeds, among the highest in its category. Standard at 320 rpm and optional up to 400 rpm. It can also be returned to the initial
standard speed.


The reinforced hood can be adjusted manually or hydraulically to obtain the desired mulch bed. It also has 4 elastic arms to reduce shocks and



The machine maintains all the  characteristics of the FG rotary tiller with central transmission entirely designed and manufactured by Alpego.


Technical data

  icon_trattore_potenza icon_larg_lavoro icon_larg_trasporto_con_rullo icon_prof_lav_rotozappa icon_rotozappa icon_zappetta_elicoidale icon_peso
Mod. HP mm. mm. mm. (n°) (n°) Kg
FG-BIO 250 75-160 2440 2515 100 10 30+30 1300
FG-BIO 300 85-160 2910 3000 100 12 36+36 1340



      • 540 RPM gearbox Z=28/26 > 216-186
      • Drive shaft with slip clutch - Tractor Pto 1"3/8 Z=63-point hitch cat.2
      • Central track eraser
      • Available with skids or roller

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