Power harrows Rotodent RmaX

The ROTODENT RmaX is a rigid power harrow unique in its category. Its strong point is the TWIN-FORCE “maX” mechanical peculiarity and its heavy-duty structure. It is available in the working widths 3, 3.5 and 4 m. for tractors from 120 to 320 HP.


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The Twin-Force system consists of 2 rotors held together by a single support plate for a double sturdiness.

The quality of the Timken taper roller bearings combined with the hardened gears guarantee the highest reliability of the transmission.

The power harrow with all these devices makes it possible to reach excellent performances in terms of:

  • A greater working depth (on average more than 100 mm. as compared with a normal power harrow)
  • An increase of the forward speed
  • The best use of the available power
  • The greatest reliability and a minimum of maintenance
  • Hitching to tractors of very great power

Twin force TMAX


The front guards prevent rocks from entering to cause rotor damage.

img_protezioni sottovasca


Thanks to the PARALLELOGRAM system of depth adjustment , the rear roller constantly maintains the same degree of inclination, therefore:

  • The leveling bar is constantly correctly adjusted;
  •  In the combination with a seed-drill the pressure of the seeding coulters is kept constant

img_parallelogramma erpice


The levelling bar is mounted directly on the rear roller, thereby improving the levelling quality and decreasing the power absorption.


By reversing the position of the changeable gears by replacing it, it is possible to have available several rotation ratios of the rotors.
This makes it possible to obtain the best possible performance of the power harrow depending on the type of soil, on the forward speed and on the required degree of crumbling.

img_cambio velocità


The quick system can be supplied separately as a set as an alternative to the traditional system, or it can be mounted directly on the machine.



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The power harrow can easily be combined with an Alpego pneumatic seed-drill.




img_rompitraccia erpici

Track eraser pair

img_rompitraccia no stop erpici

NO-STOP Track eraser pair (2 spring)

img_attacco idraulico

Hydraulic linkage for seed-drill

img_correttore idraulico

Hydraulic depth adjustment

img_registro idraulico

Hydraulic levelling bar adjustment

img_presa forza erpici

Kit rear pto

Potenza massima trasmissibile 10 Kw.


Kit mounting broadcast seed drills

rullo GABBIA

Cage Roller

The CAGE roller is suitable for dry soils of medium density.
With the extra kits (available only for the G5 series) it is possible to add some pipes to the cage, thereby increasing the supporting surface.
The structure of the cage does not make it suitable to support very heavy loads, such as the combined implements.


Spiral roller

The SPIRAL roller creates a soft and uniform seeding surface and is suitable for medium and light soils.
It can’t be used in the combinations with the seed drill


Spike Roller

The SPIKE roller is very versatile, it works well even when the soil is damp and compacted.
It can be used in the combinations with the seed drill

rullo PACKER

Packer Roller

The PACKER roller has a tubular structure with a large diameter: this makes it very sturdy and particularly suited for the combinations with seed drills.
Several rows of tines guarantee the traction on the ground and a series of adjustable brushes keeps each of them clean.
The result is a compact surface, perfect for sowing.


Rubber roller

The GOMMA (rubber) roller is suited for combinations with seed drills for cereals: it guarantees that the seed is placed at a constant depth.
The rubber covered surface and its large diameter decrease the clamming effect of the soil and makes it a roller suited for any work condition.


Trapeze Roller

The notched cast-iron roller ridges are spaced 12.5 cm or 15 cm depending on row spacing.With its diameter of 505 mm it combines a perfect rotation and a pressing of the seeding line.Designed for the combination can also work alone.It adapts perfectly to all types of dry or wet soil even in the presence of stones or crop residues.

Technical data

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Mod. HP mm. mm. mm. (n°) (n°) Kg
Rotodent RmaX-300 120-320 2940 3000 300 12 12+12 1910
Rotodent RmaX-350 130-320 3410 3500 300 14 14+14 2140
Rotodent RmaX-400 140-320 4030 4000 300 16 16+16 2430


  • 1000 rpm gerabox Z=29/25 > 368-273 g./m
  • Drive shaft Walterscheid with cam clutch 1"3/8 Z=6
  • Drop-forged quick fit tines
  • 3-point hitch cat. 3 oscillating
  • Movable side plates and adjustable
  • Drop-forged tines (STANDARD+RAPIDO version)