Pneumatic seed-drill Jet-M

The pneumatic seed-drill JET-M has been designed to guarantee the most simple level of use and to maximise its versatility. It can be combined with different models of ALPEGO power harrows’range, and used with tractors with power from 120 to 200 hp. Its “Efficient inside” system feature a low power demanding hydraulic turbine, its “AIRON” metering unit with a simple calibration system and suitable to different kind of sedes, and a complete electronic handling of the seeding.


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On the ground


Large capacity (1000 l) Designed with an advanced center of gravity to be used even with not too heavy tractors. Ergonomic and easy to access thanks to the large and sturdy retractable rear platform.



The maximum versatility is guaranteed by the choice between the two versions:

  • FAST: configuration with the utmost flexibility which allows a very swift uncoupling of the seed-drill (less than 10 minutes) so, as to allow the independent use of the power harrow.

versione fast

  • AUTO-LEVEL: configuration for the highest precision thanks to the linkage between bar and roller, which makes it possible to keep unaltered the drilling depth, even if the working depth of the power harrow is changed.

versione autolevel


The Alpego Rubber drilling element makes it possible to maintain a constant drilling depth under any soil conditions and to easily overcome possible obstacles thanks to the following strong points:

  • Silent Block: shock-absorbing system of the drilling element, which makes it possible to develop a maximum disc resistance of 60 Kg.
  • Easy to adjust: the bar is connected with the roller through a parallelogram for the adjustment of the drilling depth and it is complete with tie-rods for the adjustment of the incidence on the soil.
  • Single coulter disc: suitably slanted, with a sharp profile in order to allow a perfect penetration into the soil and a uniform rotation.
  • Following harrow: easy centralized adjustment to optimize its action in the soil.



Simple and practical, the new metering unit AIRON is supplied as standard with 3 interchangeable metering rollers covering a wide range of use.

img_dosatore airon


Jet-M is equipped with the well-tested and reliable system of the fully electronic drilling management. Each operation is assisted by the electronic control: calibration test, management of the most complicated tramline cycles and dynamic variation of the quantity of distributed product. The driving speed is monitored by a very precise GPS system.

img_monitor super_plus-1


The high efficiency fan permits a 20% reduction of the oil used under standard conditions, which makes it possible to use it even with tractors with a small oil capacity.



The machine has been designed to guarantee the best compromise between performances and simplicity of use thanks to the:

  • Quick unhitching of the power harrow
  • AIRON metering unit
  • Energy efficient fan
  • Ergonomic hopper with its center of gravity moved forward
  • Electronic management of the seed-drilling control
  • Possibility of use with low-power tractors



Whatever the versions, the JET-M has been designed to be coupled as quickly and safely as possible.





Hydraulic row-marking disc

The row-marking disc is a device which marks a reference line in the ground in order to make the drilling operation easier.


Kit pre-sprouting discs

The pre-sprouting discs mark the gauge of the wheel track combined with the tramline system.


Disc depth control wheel

Disc depth control wheel


Hydraulic bar exclusion

The shut-off of the hydraulic drill bar makes it possible to lift- and therefore – shut off the drill bar.


Kit parking stands

Kit parking stands suited for the hitching and unhitching operations



Central devide for the control of the Tramline with shut-off valve.
It makes it possible to use all the cycles forseen by the most popular weed-controlling and pulverization systems.


Restrictor element of the distribution head

Technical data

  icon_falcioni icon_distanza_tra_ancore
Mod. mm. mm. (n°) mm. Kg
Jet-M 300 3000 3000 24 125 -
Jet-M 350 3500 3500 28 125 -


  • Turbine drive with hydraulic motor
  • Pressure gauges for the control of the oil delivery pressure and for the control of the discharge pressure
  • Guillotine drawer for the exclusion of the metering unit
  • Mesh grille for inner protection
  • Level sensor comfortably adjustable in height from the outside
  • Cover in foldable plastic sheet
  • Dynamometer for the calibration test
  • Tray for calibration test
  • Manual control of half-width
  • Ready to be fixed on su BF-RM-RM Super-RK
  • Supporting stands for transportation
  • Tool case and documents
  • Mechanical display of machine inclination and sowing depth
  • Kit seeding-bar:
    - Seeding-bar;
    - Double distribution head mounted on the seeding-bar;
    - Seed covering harrow;
    - Rear light boards and cables;
    - Retractable rear platform;