Foldable rotary tiller POKER

Foldable rotary tiller POKER with a horizontal axis for the best tillage of the soil and the mixing of weeds and of crop residues in all types of soils. Unique in its class because is equipped with double central driveline, is made of high strength Steel. Available in the working widths from 3,6 – 4 – 4,6 - 5 m. and transport width 2,45 m. Ideal for tractors from 130 to 260 HP.



On the ground


The central transmission drives the spinning torque from the PTO to the four half rotors through solid gears in oil bath. Designed and built by Alpego, the vertically arranged gears made of cast iron work constantly in contact with the moving soil, which allows a natural heat dispersion. There is also a gearbox to vary the rotor rotation speeds.



Double central driveline with cascade gears in an oil bath, with exclusive gearbox unique in the market.
The rotary tiller is equipped with 2 lateral automatic drive shafts Walterscheid to avoid overloads during use.

With this system the roller always maintains the same inclination.

Frame and «S» shaped rear hood with new absorption systems and a central crank for easy adjustment.

Automatic hydraulic release of safety hooks during machine opening.

The counter flange, combined with the reinforced hoes, doubles the strength and durability of the rotor.



Mechanical seals in oil bath to ensure maximum transmission protection even in extreme conditions.







Track eraser kit

rullo GABBIA

Cage Roller

The CAGE roller is suitable for dry soils of medium density.
With the extra kits (available only for the G5 series) it is possible to add some pipes to the cage, thereby increasing the supporting surface.
The structure of the cage does not make it suitable to support very heavy loads, such as the combined implements.


Spiral roller

The SPIRAL roller creates a soft and uniform seeding surface and is suitable for medium and light soils. It can’t be used in the combinations with the seed drill.


Spike Roller

The SPIKE roller is very versatile, it works well even when the soil is damp and compacted.
It can be used in the combinations with the seed drill.

rullo PACKER

Packer Roller

The PACKER roller has a tubular structure with a large diameter: this makes it very sturdy and particularly suited for the combinations with seed drills.
Several rows of tines guarantee the traction on the ground and a series of adjustable brushes keeps each of them clean.
The result is a compact surface, perfect for sowing.

Technical data

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Mod. HP mm. mm. mm. mm. mm. (n°) (n°) Kg
POKER PF-360 130-260 3734 3660 2400 540 240 16 48+48 1700
POKER PF-400 140-260 4051 3995 2400 540 240 16 48+48 1850
POKER PF-460 150-260 4462 4462 2400 540 240 20 60+60 2060
POKER PF-500 160-260 4995 4940 2400 504 240 20 60+60 2270


  • 1000 RPM gearbox Z=30/24 > 218
  • Central drive shaft 1”3/8 Z=6
  • Lateral drive shafts with automatic cam clutch
  • 3-gearbox transmission
  • 3-point hitch cat. 3rd and 4th N , oscillating
  • Central track eraser
  • Rear board with lights