Technological innovation

Security mix

“Security Mix” is the exclusive patented system specifically designed for green manure or a mix of different products, that avoids the separation of the different kind of seeds caused by vibrations. This allows the even distribution of the mix from the beginning to the end of the job.

Central transmission Alpego

The whole range of ALPEGO Rotary Cultivators features the patented central transmission made of solid gears.

The innovation and uniqueness of the ALPEGO Rotary Cultivator concept consists on the central transmission that drives the spinning torque from the PTO to the two half rotors through solid gears. This guarantees maximum reliability and less torque dispersion.


Another advantage is the absence of the lateral transmission and therefore a reduction of the overall width.
Furthermore, central and lateral mechanical seals in oil bath allowing for maximum reliability in extreme conditions such as immersion in water


The TWIN-FORCE system consists of two rotors mounted on conical bearings, joined together by one support.

This allows for longer tines and guarantees high reliability and an increased efficiency also in conjunction with high tractor powers.


Twin Force system has five main advantages:

  1. Higher working height of the power harrow;
  2. Higher working speed;
  3. Increased durability and strength of the power harrow;
  4. Better soil mixing;
  5. Easier maintenance of the power harrow.

Inox metering unit

The metering unit Dosal made entirely of stainless steel to ensure maximum reliability and durability. It is indicated for treated seeds or fertilizer.
This product offers flexibility of use, it can dose from small seeds to bigger seeds and fertilizer (from 1.8 to 350 kg/hectare) with few simple adjustments. 


The main features of Alpego metering unit are:

  1. System with tilting door that allows a simple recovery of the product during the seeding tests;
  2. Volumetric regulation of small and large seeds;
  3. Quick opening of the lower part for greater cleaning;
  4. Complete and easy cleaning of the metering unit. This is particularly useful when the machine is not used for several days;
  5. Rapid rear discharge of the seed, even with full hopper;
  6. Practice bag and dynamometer for weighing in seeding test.