Production systems

Painting plant

The new Alpego painting plant was born in 2015. It is an exclusive cutting-edge system unique in its kind throughout Europe, which allows each component to be painted with the most suitable process.
The area of the painting plant is 900 sqm and it is the result of specific research and development activities. It has been installed in the new Alpego factory in Lonigo (Vicenza) that has a total area of 21,000 sqm of which 7,100 sqm covered.

The computer system integrates and monitors different processes:

  • Shot blasting
  • Blowing
  • Degreasing
  • Rinsing
  • Nanotechnology
  • Drying
  • Primer
  • Withering
  • Enamelling
  • Cooking
  • Cooling


The Alpego painting plant is characterized by different parts:

  • Mechanic shot blasting, with inverter system that can be modulated according to the product to treat
  • Liquid chemical treatment consisting of a series of tunnels for washing, degreasing and pre-treatment which uses the latest solutions in the field of nanotechnology
  • Cabins for the application of liquid enamels with four-stage cycle.
  • Cabins for the application of powder enamels with a three-stage cycle.
  • Modulating cooking ovens, adaptable automatically and individually for each type of product.
  • Transport system designed exclusively to optimize the process with maximum flexibility.
  • Electronic component managed by a sophisticated software, which allows to constantly check the phases of the painting process guaranteeing its quality.

Technical data

Installed thermal capacity
2.300.000 Kcal
Installed electrical power
500 KW
Production rate
48.000 Kg   per shift of 8 hours


The entire Alpego painting system has been designed and realized in the full respect of the environment.
The spray-painting used, water-based, and / or the powder painting with total recovery system don’t produce emissions of VOC (volatile organic substances).