Hydro-pneumatic subsoiler Skat K1

Hydro-pneumatic subsoiler Mod. SKAT K1, a hydraulic system mounted on each shank makes it possible to avoid obstacles and guarantees the maximum elasticity. It is also it is available with a mechanically or hydraulically adjustable double franter roller. Completely made of high-strength steel, it is available in 2 working widths: 2.5 and 3 mt. It is ideal for tractors from 90 to 200 HP.


Shanks type:

  1. “Craker”: disegned for compact stoneless soils. When operating in rocky soils, the legs of the hydro-pneumatic system SKAT provide high elasticity granting a longer operative life of the implement and less stresses for the tractor.
  2.  Wearproof “Rock”: with reinforced share, ensuring longer life and increased strength on stony soils. Special angle design to prevent the dragging of stones on the surface.

NO STOP Hydraulic safety system

Hydraulic safety system mounted on each shank.

The nitrogen accumulator with control valve permits to absorb the cylinder oil, thus enabling the shank to be elastic and to absorb shocks and strains through a gradual return. This system prevents damage to the frame structure.

Double safety

In addition to the hydraulic NO STOP, each shank is equipped with a shear bolt (easy to replace) which, under extreme stress conditions, will break, thereby protecting the structure of the machine.

Modular frame with adjustable width

TROFEO Forged ploughshare

The TROFEO ploughshares have an exclusive design, a variable thickness and a heavy-duty tip with a structure made of a special forged steel, to improve the performance.

Franter roller M10-H10-H20

Not only do the two Franter rollers perform a preliminary important superfi cial tillage of the soil and level it ideally, they also make the ensuing operations shorter and easier.
The double roller also contributes remarkably to effi ciently mix in the organic residues.

Available in the versions series 10 (H10 – M10) with a 140 diameter and mechanical or hydraulic adjustment or in the hydraulic version H20 with a diameter of 195 and a sturdier structure.

Frame made of high strength steel tubes and sheets

The high-strength steel used allows to reach the best possible compromise between lightness and strength.


  • 3-point hitch cat. 2
  • Wearproof protection of the shanks

Technical data

Mod. HP mm. mm. mm. (n°) mm Kg
Skat K1 5-250 90-200 2500 2416 500 5 480 1440
Skat K1 7-300 110-200 3000 2972 500 7 440 1825

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Clod-shattering fins

Clod-shattering fins, the adjustable lateral fins achieve a better crumbling and turnover of the upper level of the soil.

Dek Ploughshare

Pair of rear wheels

Clod-restricting side

Clod-restricting side boards, a device keeping the clods within the working width of the implement and preventing them from discharging on the already tilled soil or on the soil still to be tilled.