Rotodent RE-T


Rotors designed to avoid soil jamming

Stone guards under the gear trough

The front guards prevent rocks from entering to cause rotor damage.

Roller mounted on a parallelogram

Roller with fast depth control

Roller with fast depth control

Centrally positioned P.t.o.

Centrally positioned P.t.o.

Reduced overall dimensions

Reduced overall dimensions

Low power absorption blade-shaped tines


  • 540 rpm gearbox Z=25/29 > 251/337 g./m
  • Drive shaft with shear bolt 1"3/8 Z=6
  • Levelling bar on roller. Independently adjustable
  • 3-point hitch cat. 2 oscillating
  • Movable side plates and adjustable

Technical data

Mod. HP mm. mm. mm. (n°) (n°) Kg
Rotodent RE-T-300 70-150 2980 3000 250 12 12+12 850

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Track eraser pair

One half rock guard

Not only do the half guards protect the rotors from wearing off, they also improve the crumbling effect and the work quality of the soil.

Hydraulic linkage

Hydraulic depth adjustment

Kit rear pto

Hydraulic levelling bar adjustment

Wearproof tine