Mega Craker KX

The subsoiler hydraulically foldable Mod. Mega Craker KX is a heavy-duty and super-professional implement. It is supplied standard with a hydraulically adjustable double franter roller. Completely made of high-strength steel it has been designed for very large tractor from 200 to 500 HP and it is available in 2 working widths: 4 and 5m.


Shank with shear-bolt safety device

Removable shank supports

Removable shank supports

Franter rollers with sturdier supports

Rotor with 6 helicoidally positioned blades

Horizontal Rotor featuring L-shaped blades.Excellent for chopping and burying grass, vegetables and other surface residues, on any type of soil.


  • Ploughshares mod. TROFEO
  • Rear light boards
  • 3-point hitch:
    - 3° and 4° cat. normal
    - 3° and 4° cat. USA
    - 4° N cat.+USA
  • Wearproof protection of the shanks
  • Hydraulic folding circuit with a mechanical safety lock

Technical data

Mod. HP mm. mm. mm. (n°) (n°) Kg
Mega Craker KX 9-410 200-500 4100 2500 650 9 450 2250
Mega Craker KX 11-500 300-500 5000 2500 650 11 450 2510

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Clod-restricting side

Clod-restricting side boards, a device keeping the clods within the working width of the implement and preventing them from discharging on the already tilled soil or on the soil still to be tilled.