Pneumatic seed-drill Jet-X

Jet-X has been designed for professional and intensive agriculture, to be used in the most difficult conditions. The center of gravity is positioned forward in order to allow for a higher stability. All the functions and controls are designed to be user friendly. The quick linkage system allows an easy detachment of the seed-drill from the power harrow while the sowing management is completely electric so that all calibrations can be done also directly from the tractor cabin by using the ISOBUS system. A perfect sowing is granted by the Alpego designed metering unit ALPEGO Dosal, by the Turbo Rotal System located in the distribution head and by the new generation seeding bar Rubber.


1500 litres large capacity steel hopper

Forward position of the center of gravity

Alpetronic control

Latest generation of Alpetronic control, in compliance with the ISOBUS standard, allows simple and precise management of all operational functions and seeding control

High-precision distribution head Turbo ROTAL

High-precision distribution head even in case of the maximum angle of inclination, thanks to the Turbo ROTAL (patented) and to the lower position near the seed-bar.

System for the quick hitching/unhitching of the hopper

New system for the quick hitching/unhitching of the hopper, the seed-bar and of connecting/disconnecting of all the electric connections (for Alpego implements)

Calibrations and servicing

Calibrations and servicing made easier and simpler thanks to the side ladder for the access to the low stepping board


  • Turbine drive with hydraulic motor
  • Volumetric DOSAL metering unit completely made of stainless steel; Adjustable from 2 to 450 Kg/ha with sector for big and thin seeds
  • Electric wiring with rear lights and approved reflector boards
  • Pressure gauges for the control of the oil delivery pressure and for the control of the discharge pressure
  • Shut-off sliding valve for the exclusion of the metering units
  • Mesh grille for inner protection
  • Level sensor comfortably adjustable in height from the outside
  • Cover in foldable plastic sheet
  • Dynamometer for the calibration test
  • Bag for the calibration test
  • Side access ladder and large low stepping board
  • Electric device for the control of the working implement paired with the motion of the tie rod of the upper arm
  • Kit seeding-bar:
    - Seeding-bar;
    - Kit for Quick roller hitch;
    - Seed covering harrow;
    - Distribution head;
    - Kit tramline 4 valves (2+2);

Technical data

Mod. mm. mm. mm
Jet-X 300 3000 3000 24 125 -
Jet-X 350 3500 3500 28 125 -
Jet-X 400 4000 4000 32 125 -

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Disc depth control wheel

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