Multifunctional Hopper Fertidrill ASmaX

The high capacity multifunctional ASmaX hopper is totally made of Inox steel. Can be divided in two parts of adjustable volume to be used with seeds and /or fertilizer. The double enhanced distributing system allows to deliver high quantities of product both in terms of working width and speed. Featuring a complete ISOBUS system, it can be managed directly from the tractor screen.


The stainless steel front hopper

Big hopper extending on request.

Double INOX volumetric metering unit

Highest use flexibility of the volumetric metering unit: suitable for small and large seeds and fertilizer (from 1.8 to 350 kg/hectar) with a few simple adjustments.

Built in wear-resistant stainless-steel materials for maximum reliability.

Suited also for processed seeds of fertilizers.


The Turbo ROTAL system is an innovative system consisting of a spinning impeller located in the centre of the distribution head, that promotes a more uniform distribution of the seed to the seeding rows even in hilly areas thus reducing by a 50% factor the error in distribution homogeneity.

Electronic sawing control ISOBUS

ISOBUS is a STANDARD communication system to link the controls system of the tractor and the implement.

Our ISOBUS implements are easily connected electronically to the tractor. Through the one only ISOBUS cable alla informations needed for the correct functioning of our seed drill, are transferred the including the power source.

The cotrolling monitor of the seed drill can be the same of the tractor, with the same functions (UT function). This means less purchasing cost, ease of use for the used, and more efficient utilization of the room available in the tractor cabin.

On request Alpego can provide 2 different monitors, both UT (Universal Terminal) and therefore useable with other ISOBUS implements.

Thanks to ISOBUS it is easily possible to use advanced functions like: variable distribution, parallel assisted drive, automatic closure of seeding sections and other “precision farming”solutions.

ASD Ditribution head

Distribution head made of stainless steel.

The lid can be opened to make cleaning easier.

Set up for the electric device for the reduced size drilling (APD).


  • Low power consumption Hydraulic fan
  • 25l/min at 190 bar
  • Stainless steel INOX front hopper with moveable bulkhead to allow two different confi gurations: 1/2 to 1/2 or 1/3 to 2/3
  • 2nd category front 3 point hitch
  • Headlights
  • working led lights and reflectors
  • Frontal folding loading platform
  • Ballast holder Can hold up to 600 kg
  • Double INOX volumetric metering unit both for big and fine seeds
  • Double front/rear connecting pipes Ø140 mm with adjustable holder for electric cables
  • Dynamometer and sowing test bag
  • Guillotine drawers for the metering unit exclusion
  • Double sensor of level adjustable from outside
  • Cover in foldable plastic sheet
  • Available in rigid or foldable version
  • Width when folded: 2
  • 5 m

Technical data

Mod. mm. mm. mm. Kg
Fertidrill ASmaX-400 4000 2500 32 125 -
Fertidrill ASmaX-450 4500 2500 36 125 -
Fertidrill ASmaX-500 5000 2500 40 125 -
Fertidrill ASmaX-600 6000 2500 40 150 -
Fertidrill ASmaX-700 7000 2500 54 125 -
Fertidrill ASmaX-800 8000 2500 62 125 -

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Computer for DIGIT version

DIGIT Multifunction computer:

  • 5,6″ high resolution colour screen;
  • USB for data transfer;
  • serial port RS232;
  • cemra input;
  • CAN-BUS connector;
  • functions can be expanded with several available Apps, i.e. the Task Control (TC), the parallel drive, end-of-field management…

Computer for TOUCH version

TOUCH multifunction computer:

  • 8” high resolution colour touch-screen (800x600TFT);
  • USB for data transfer;
  • serial port RS232;
  • camera input;
  • CAN-BUS connector;
  • functions can be expanded with several available Apps, i.e. the Task Control (TC), the parallel drive, end-of-field management…


Hydraulic row-marking disc

The row-marking disc is a device which marks a reference line in the ground in order to make the drilling operation easier.

Kit pre-sprouting discs

The pre-sprouting discs mark the gauge of the wheel track combined with the tramline system.

Herses de recouvrement arrière

Les herses de recouvrement arrière de forme fuyante recouvrent la graine lors de leur passage su le terrain.

Hydraulic bar exclusion

The shut-off of the hydraulic drill bar makes it possible to lift- and therefore – shut off the drill bar.

Kit Rotal APD lid without 12V control

Electroni device for the reduced-width seed drilling

Disc depth control wheel

Disc depth control wheel

Kit 4 supporting auto-steering wheels

Auto-steering wheels. It is possible to install 4 compacting steering wheels Ø760mm.

Supplementary ballast (25 kg each)

It is possible to install ballasts up to 600 Kg.