Multifunctional Hopper Fertidrill ASF

The front hopper Fertidrill ASF is Alpego’s solution for seeding and fertilizing the soil. It has been designed to be used in combination for the drilling of cereals up to a working width of 6 m. and also for the distribution of fertilizers in combination with a single-seed drillers or with a hoeing implement. When combined with a seed drill, its combination with the Alpego Rubber disc coulter bar is particularly efficient, since it makes drilling possible under any type of soil: sandy, hard or very wet and sticky.


The stainless steel front hopper

Big hopper extending on request.

Volumetric metering unit DOSAL

Highest use flexibility of the volumetric metering unit: suitable for small and large seeds and fertilizer (from 1.8 to 350 Kg / hectare) with a few simple adjustments.

Built in wear-resistant stainless-stell materials for maximum reliability.

Suited also for processed seeds of fertilizers.


  • Hydraulic fan
  • Stainless steel INOX front hopper. Capacity 1400 liters (extendible to 1800 liters)
  • 2nd category front 3-point hitch
  • Quick emptying of the hopper
  • Headlights and reflecting plates
  • Frontal folding loading platform
  • Ballast holder can hold up to 800 kg
  • INOX volumetric metering unit both for big and fine seeds
  • Front/rear connecting pipes with adjustable holder for electric cables
  • Dynamometer for the calibration test
  • Available both rigid and folding
  • Width when folded: 2.5 m

Technical data

Mod. mm. mm. mm. Kg
Fertidrill ASF-300 3000 3000 24 125 1020
Fertidrill ASF-350 3500 3500 28 125 1075
Fertidrill ASF-400 4000 4000 32 125 1110
Fertidrill ASF-400 4000 2500 32 125 1124
Fertidrill ASF-450 4500 2500 36 125 1179
Fertidrill ASF-500 5000 2500 40 125 1234
Fertidrill ASF-600 6000 2500 40 150 1304
Fertidrill ASF-600 6000 2500 48 125 1390

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Computer for SUPER-PLUS version

Computer SUPER-PLUS multifunction computer:
– fan;
– metering unit;
– hectar counter;
– Set up for the tramline;
– sowing management;
– Pre-start

Hydraulic row-marking disc

The row-marking disc is a device which marks a reference line in the ground in order to make the drilling operation easier.

Kit pre-sprouting discs

The pre-sprouting discs mark the gauge of the wheel track combined with the tramline system.

Hydraulic bar exclusion

The shut-off of the hydraulic drill bar makes it possible to lift- and therefore – shut off the drill bar.

Disc depth control wheel

Disc depth control wheel

INOX Hopper extension + 200 liters

Kit supporting legs for front hopper

Supplementary ballast (25 kg each)

Complete set of ballast

Complete set of ballast – Front hopper ASF (including ballast of up to 400 Kgs.)

Kit Rotal APD lid without 12V control

Electroni device for the reduced-width seed drilling