Cultivator Cayman CC

The trailed folding tine chisel cultivator CAYMAN CC is manufactured in the working widths 4 and 5 m. with a transport width of 2,5 m. It is ideal for tractors from 160 to 320 HP. The new tine chisel cultivator CAYMAN is characterized by its versatility, ideal for mixing the residue in the top layer of the soil and for its complete interment, thanks to the 3 rows of chisels, pace 300 mm, and to its considerable height. It is supplied with TOP SPRING chisel tines (with double-spring safety system).


Double-spring safety system “TOP SPRING”

The body of the chisel tine in the TOP SPRING version is complete with a new, double-spring safety system, which guarantees the maximum elasticity and a wide range of applications.

This solution is indispensable for working at high speed, even in the presence of rugged, rocky or very hard soils.

Conveying discs

Conveying discs ø 460 mounted on elastic arms and “No grease” bearings in an oil bath

The set of discs is adjustable for an ideal levelling of the previously mixed soil.

Reduced transport width 2,50 mt

High tensile steel frame

High tensile steel frame


  • 8 cm shanks with 36 cm fins and right and left conveyors
  • 3-point hitch:
    - 3° and 4° cat. normal
    - 3° and 4° cat. USA
    - 4° N cat. USA
  • Hydraulically controlled adjustment of working depth
  • Quick adjustment of the levelling notched disc set
  • Front/rear wide load plates and rear lights
  • Rear trail with special system to adjust variable lenghts that allows
  • Pair of rear wheels
  • Not homologated for driving in public roads

Technical data

Mod. HP mm. mm. mm. (n°) mm Kg
Cayman CC-400 TOP SPRING 160-250 4000 2520 300 13 310 3800
Cayman CC-500 TOP SPRING 240-320 5000 2520 300 16 310 4210

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Side deflectors

Shanks with fin

Cage Roller

The CAGE roller is suitable for dry soils of medium density.

With the extra kits (available only for the G5 series) it is possible to add some pipes to the cage, thereby increasing the supporting surface.

The structure of the cage does not make it suitable to support very heavy loads, such as the combined implements.

Ring Roller

Ring roller for a higher degree of crumbling and re-compacting of the soil through wedge-shaped rings.

The special blades between the rings crumble the soil clods and clean the spaces between the rings. It is suited for loamy and dry soils.

Disc Roller

Roller consisting of strong rings made of pressed steel meant to unload an “on line” pressure even under the top surface of the soil, thereby increasing the degree of crumbling. It is suited for hard and dry soils.

Flex Roller

Elastic rings roller, each single ring is made of 4 independent elastic elements for a uniform consolidation of the soil.

Adjustable scrapers are mounted in between the rings for breaking clouds and cleaning the roller. This roller is designed for medium heavy soil even with residues from previous crops.