Rotary tiller Matrix MX

The new matrix folding rotovator featuring a folding main frame that enables to bring together 2 ALPEGO tillers of the “Z” range. The central transmission system offers a considerable reduction in the total width compared to the standard folding rotovators on the market.The two side tillers can be easily and quickly replaced or dismounted to be used separately.  It is available in 6 and 7,2 meter working width.


Bearing frame

Bearing frame with hydraulic closure for reduced road transport dimensions

Combined directly with 3-point hitch

It can be combined directly with 3-point hitch (3N cat.) with Alpego machines “Z” series: – Rotozappa FZ-300/360 – Rotolama LZ-300 – Rotopik KZ-300 – Inversa IZ-300/360


  • 3 right angle gearboxes
  • Central dirve shaft 1"3/4 Z=20
  • Lateral drive shafts with cam clutch. 3-point hitch:
    - 3° and 4° cat. standard
    - 4° cat. USA
    - 4° N cat. USA
  • Central gearbox at 1000 rpm (multi-speed gearboxes on the lateral machines)
  • Automatic hydraulic control of safety hooks with
    mechanical safety lock
  • Supporting leg
  • Rear light boards
  • The basic machines remain usable individually only a small restoration operation is required

Technical data

Mod. HP mm. mm. Kg
MX-600 250-500 5900 2880 1790
MX-720 250-500 7300 2880 1930

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