Flailmower TrisaR TR36

The professional flail mower Mod TrisaR TR36 is the ideal implement for all requirements. Thanks to its patented SSA system it allows working with the best results and the highest degree of safety both on grass and on woody material. Ideal for tractors of up to 100 HP, it is available in 6 different working widths ( 1.6 , 1.8, 2 , 2.2, 2.4 and 2.8m.).


Mulching chamber SSA

Mulching chamber “Super Shredder Alpego” (patent) designed to allow for an adjustable mulching volume; by changing th eposition of the rear gate it is possible to obtain two different types of work.

a) Grass mowing: the rear gate remains shut, and the mulched product is not thrown out of the machine (cutting of grass, bushes, thick vegetation…)

b) Turbo-mulcher wood-mulching function: with the rear gate kept low the wo-oden residues are finelymulched: they remain within the chamber until they are mulched as finely as possible (vines, underbrush, prunings, wood…)

Double frame TR36 (double skin)

The mulching chamber, consisting of a double metal frame increases the resistance and the integrity of the machine, while protecting the rear gate against damages.

Self-cleaning rear roller

The self-cleaning rear roller, is characterized by an automatic self-cleaning feautre thanks to its position very close to the rotor.

High tensile steel frame

High tensile steel frame

Second Counter-blade

Lateral movement TR36


  • Bigger flail rotor
  • Mechanic or hydraulic lateral movement (to be chosen – NOT PROVIDED AS STANDARD)
  • Universal joint with protection
  • Rear roller Ø160 with protected bearings
  • Fixed counter-blade
  • Second Counter-blade
  • Pto 540 rpm
  • Also available with 1000 rpm Pto (TR36-280M only with 1000 rpm Pto)
  • 3-point hitch
  • Cat. 1 and 2
  • Free wheel in oil bath positioned inside the main gearbox
  • Side plates
  • EC protections

Technical data

Mod. HP mm. mm. (n°) (n°) mm. Kg
Trisar TR36-160 45-100 1600 1750 14 4 160 695
Trisar TR36-180 50-100 1800 1950 16 4 160 740
Trisar TR36-200 55-100 2000 2150 16 4 160 780
Trisar TR36-220 60-100 2200 2350 20 4 160 825
Trisar TR36-240 65-100 2400 2550 20 4 160 865
Trisar TR36-280 M 70-100 2800 2950 24 5 160 965

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Mechanic side shift

Lateral movement hydraulic

Rear steering wheels

Pair of rear steering wheels as an alternative to the rear roller.

Vine-gathering comb

Vine-gathering comb, to collect the vines.

Set of front protection chains

Set of front chains as an alternative to the metale shields for heavy duty use.