Alpego Service

Alpego Service

We are a dynamic team  who follows an inside training plan, which is constantly updated: our professional and very competent technicians are thus always prepared for any contingency.

Ours is a solid, ever-growing, fast and well-organized  reality, with a constant presence in the territory.

Our main objective is the after-sales service, which must fully comply with our customers’ demands.

Prevention is fundamental for us. Our dealers, who are scattered world-wide, are assisted and counselled on each occasion and are periodically updated on the technological innovations of the market. The internal information and training allow us to keep our faithful customers highly satisfied.

Alpego Service are committed to support on a daily base their partners, in order to find the best solutions and are, therefore, at a top-level range of problem solving.

The close cooperation with the technical department guarantees a constant progressive development of the Alpego products.

Over the years, Alpego has developed a better qualified and technologically ground-breaking structure. Our simple on-line instruments and a constantly updated spare-part catalogue guarantee the best user-friendliness and speed.

A highly evolved Ticketing method allows us to record each inquiry, notification or claim.

Indispensable information to study analyses and statistics makes it possible for us to constantly improve the quality of the product and of the service.

This is a very important expertise for the Company’s

Our growth must also be a guarantee of competence and efficiency: for this reason, Alpego has remained informed and updated for 30 years on the market evolution.