2 November 2018

T&Trac system, the second award of Alpego

The T&Trac is an end-to-end electronic system, applicable on all agricultural machines equipped with ISOBUS (or CAN BUS enabled). This system allows digital authentication of automatic tracking operations and treatments performed with agricultural machines.

Telemetry data collection during operations feeds a multifunctional cloud database available to manufacturers and users.

The platform is designed to be compatible and quick to interface with the information systems of regional agriculture agencies for payments.
The T&Trac project was funded by the Veneto Region – ROP ERDF 2014-2020 “Asse 1 – azione 1.1.4″ – and is one of the first examples of concrete application of the IoT in Agriculture 4.0. This project has been implemented by a network of agricultural machineries manufacturers, companies of innovative technologies and services (Precision Farming Network) and it is the first example of this type in Italy.

Alpego Spa received financial support from Avepa for a total of 82,200.00 euros.