3 Dicembre 2019

Alpego in Farming Simulator 2020

Alpego machines meet videogames: official partnership in Farming Simulator 2020.

Step into the exciting world of farming with Farming Simulator 2020! It sold over 18 ml copies throughout the last 11 years on pc, MAC and consoles alone and several millions on mobile devices. The game includes a players’ pool ranging from kids to people  over 40 and roughly  15% of these players are actual farmers and 30% more have a farmer somewhere in their close family, making Farming Simulator unique in its kind. Alpego have always had a special focus on new channels of communication and taking part in this game represents a great step for the brand itself. The new Alpego machines you will find in the game are the pneumatic seed-drill Jet-M, one of the most versatile of Alpego’s pneumatic seed-drills combined with the Rotodent RK, one of the most professional power harrows of the Alpego’s range. In the next years, we want to take a greater part in the game, not excluding new Alpego machines in the next versions.

We are looking forward to take part in this new chapter of Farming Simulator, which will start on December 3rd 2019, and will let you test our machines!

Farming Simulator 2020 will be available for download for Android and IOS from the Play Store and App Store on December 3rd 2019.