November 5th, 2018

30 years of Alpego

The early post-war years were very hard, the economy of Italy was restarting very slowly, the ideas were many but the money was never enough. Therefore, Vittorio Pegoraro, born in 1921, began to build the first agricultu- ral machineries in a small village right on the border between the provinces of Vicenza and Verona. Vittorio worked during the day and thought at night to find so- lutions that could to satisfy the first customers who knocked on his door. With the help of his wife Agnese, they were able to suc- ceed in a short time establishing themselves as excellent manu- facturers very close to the needs of the clients and with innovative solutions.


In 1988, the sons of Vittorio, Gio- vanni and Luciano, strong of the experience made working with their father, decided to follow the family passion and to undertake a new challenge. Starting from the same village on the border between Vicenza and Verona, they created Alpego THE BEST TECHNOLOGY IN THE FIELD aiming at innovative solutions and international markets. From the beginning they developed new concepts that revolutionized the agriculture sector. They were among the first in Italy to focus on the foldable power harrow, on the rotary tiller with the exclusive central transmission and on the concept of subsoiling.


Between 1995 and 2000, the business began to develop in Europe, the space was not enough and the factory was enlarged. Nicola also arrived in 1998 and immediately promoted the in- ternationalization of Alpego. In 2001 the first fundamental step was taken to affirm the Alpego brand even outside the national borders with the opening of the French branch.

Obviously more and more ma- chines were needed because of the expansion into new markets. In addition, the company decided to create new products more and more performing and to enter into the field of the most complex and combined machines. All of this has required great efforts, but the results have come quickly. In 2006 the export turnover excee- ded the national turnover and the company has thus strengthened even more internationally.


The continuous increase of the business has led Alpego to the construction of a new headquarters in 2008 in order to meet the growth and to give customers the best solution. In 2012 the company officially came in the 3rd generation thanks to the entrance of Luca and Filippo Pegoraro.


In 2018 Alpego celebrates its 30th anniversary and affirms its presence on all continents. Giovanni and Luciano look with satisfaction at the results of their efforts and think about how to make the company even better. Alpego has set the goal of ha- ving “the best technology in the field” and now also of offering “the best possible service to the customers”.