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We are a dynamic team  who follows an inside training plan, which is constantly updated: our professional and very competent technicians are thus always prepared for any contingency.

Ours is a solid, ever-growing, fast and well-organized  reality, with a constant presence in the territory.

Our main objective is the after-sales service, which must fully comply with our customers’ demands…

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New Cayman CF

The new Cayman CF folding cultivator is a revolution in the Alpego range: more than 400 Kg lighter than the previous model, it still retains the necessary sturdiness and reliability. Available in the Top-Mecc* or the Top-Spring* versions, it guarantees the best work quality both superficially for the burial of  cultural residues and in depth for mixing the soil; moreover, the high working speed makes it a super-efficient machine. The Cayman CF is the cultivator for people looking for quality, performance and a long lifespan.

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Alpego in Farming Simulator 2020

We are happy to announce that Alpego will be present with its machines in the 2020 version of Farming Simulator!
A collaboration with GIANTS Software born with the desire to keep up with the times. Excited to embark on this new adventure, we look forward to joining your virtual machine park!

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New front hopper AS-Pro

The front hopper AS-Pro is an ideal machine for contractors and farmers who look for high performance and the max. precision of drilling and fertilizing. The dimensions have been improved, so as to increase its compactness and the view of the driver, without, however, influencing the capacity of the hopper itself, which can vary from 1,400 to 1,900 litres. Completely made of STAINLESS steel, it is combined with the “DOSAL” metering unit, a patented, high-performance metering unit working well also at high speed. It also guarantees the highest efficiency, regardless of the type of seed or fertilizer used.

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Alpego Oils

Lubrication plays a fundamental role in the correct maintenance of your machinery. Indeed, the lubrication is one of the parameters
that most influence the duration and functioning of all the
components of the transmission.
The technologies of lubricants have evolved exponentially in the last decades creating a wide range of specific products for every requirement. For this reason, it is essential to evaluate and
understand what is the ideal lubricant for your application.

For this Alpego has always invested in research activities to study lubricants. Focusing on lubricants with specific characteristics for power harrows and rotary tillers according to specific indications for increasing the lifespan and improving the operation of the machines.

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