Corporate structure

Alpego, aimed at constant improvement, works with a method defined as flows (streams), starting from the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of the final product.

This procedure allows the introduction of specific checkpoints, which not only increase the quality of agricultural machinery, but also guarantee the service provided to the customer.


The self-diagnosis system present in Alpego products monitors workflows, promptly informing about any anomalies, anticipating the resolution of the problem.


Alpego corporate structure is aimed at reducing waste and errors, thanks to targeted and effective actions:

  • Use of tablets in the production lines. The digital consultation of procedures and technical documentation by operators strongly reduces the waste of paper.
  • Correction of any errors in pre-existing procedures through production declarations or operators’ standstills.
  • Introduction of additional services and simplification of existing ones taking advantage of the feedback coming from the market.


These activities are intrinsic to the Alpego management system, developed and constantly refined by the internal team since 2012.