Electronic micro-granular seed-drill APE

The pneumatic seed-drill APE has been designed to work in combination with a power harrow in limited spaces: it is complete with an exclusive system for mounting the hopper on the rear roller (of the power harrow) which makes it possible to limit the height even while the implement is lifted off the ground. It allows an even distribution of the seed from beginning to end, thanks to the patented Security Mix system that prevents stratification of the different types and dimensions of seeds. APE is suitable to distribute single-product, granular and grass- mixture seeds, which are used in the green-manure technique. The seeds are sown broadcast and it is possible to adjust both the drilling depth and its width.


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On the ground




In the broadcast sowing system the hoses for the falling of the seeds are placed directly behind the crumbling bar. This position which makes the dropping of the seeds directly behind the crumbling bar possible, permits a variation of the seed covering by the flow of soil thrown by the power harrow.

img_barra spaglio


“Security Mix” is the exclusive patented system specifically designed for green manure or a mix of different products, that avoids the separation of the different kind of seeds caused by vibrations. This allows the even distribution of the mix from the beginning to the end of the job.



The exclusive system of attachment on the roller makes it possible to limit the maximum height of the machine even while manoeuvring





Kit side plate for roller protection


Metering roller with maxi grooves (BLACK)

img_rocchetto rosso

Metering roller with large grooves (RED)

Correttore idraulico di profondità

Hydraulic depth adjustment


Electronic Console APE

The electronic console permits to start and stop the fan and the metering unit directly from the vehicle, where it is positioned, through the cable (5 m. long) connecting the seed-drill with the tractor.

Technical data

  icon_rullo_spuntoni icon_rullo_packer
Mod. HP mm. mm. kg kg
Rotodent BD2-140
40-100 1363 1385 590 670
Rotodent BD2-160
47-100 1598 1620 670 755
Rotodent BD2-180
50-100 1833 1855 735 845
Rotodent BD2-205
55-120 2068 2090 775 890


  • Electric console to be placed in the tractor cabin:
    - Start and stop of the fan;
    - Start and stop of the distributor;
    - Graduated potentiometer with scale from 1 to 30;
    - Socket 12 V;
    - Direct; 5 m. long cable to the seeder
  • Electric fan 12V
  • Electric motor 12V for the metering unit
  • Roller mounted standard with medium grooves (yellow colour)
  • Metering unit with 8 outlets Ø 25mm
  • 8 pcs. flexible pipes connected with the mobile broadcasters on the levelling bar: it is possible to change the broadcasting width even in relation to the working width of the power harrow
  • Can be combined with Rotodent BD2 with working widths: 160-180-205 (cannot be combined with spike roller P41).