Cultivator Cayman CF

Foldable cultivator CAYMAN CF, professional and versatile machine, is perfect for superficial stubble processing but also for mixing the soil in deeper operations. CAYMAN CF has a working width of 4 m and a transport width of just 2.8 m. It is ideal for tractors between 200 and 270 HP.


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On the ground


The advantages of using a heavy-duty chisel cultivator are many:

  1. Possibility to work on the surface (10-15 cm) after threshing or for preparing the seed bed
  2. Possibility of working in depth (25-30 cm)
  3. High soil mixing capacity
  4. High processing speed
  5. Great levelling of the ground thanks to the action of the discs



The arrangement of the ploughshares on 3 rows with a 30 cm wheelbase in combination with the high ground clearance provides excellent work capacity.

The internal soil flow allows a good mixing of the crop residues preventing the formation of heaps.

Depending on the type of processing and the user’s needs, Alpego offers two different safety devices:

  1. The body of the TOP MECC chisel tine is complete with shear-bolt safety system: in the presence of an obstacle the bolt is sheared thereby protecting the structure. This solution decreases the total weight of the implement and makes it possible to hitch it to light-weight tractors, which is recommended in case of soft soils free of stones.
  2. The body of the chisel tine in the TOP SPRING version is complete with a new, double-spring safety system, which guarantees the maximum elasticity and a wide range of applications. This solution is indispensable for working at high speed, even in the presence of rugged, rocky or very hard soils.






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Shanks with fin

img_deflettore cayman

Side deflectors

rullo GABBIA

Cage Roller

The CAGE roller is suitable for dry soils of medium density.
With the extra kits (available only for the G5 series) it is possible to add some pipes to the cage, thereby increasing the supporting surface.
The structure of the cage does not make it suitable to support very heavy loads, such as the combined implements.


Ring Roller

Ring roller for a higher degree of crumbling and re-compacting of the soil through wedge-shaped rings.
The special blades between the rings crumble the soil clods and clean the spaces between the rings. It is suited for loamy and dry soils.


Disc Roller

Roller consisting of strong rings made of pressed steel meant to unload an “on line” pressure even under the top surface of the soil, thereby increasing the degree of crumbling. It is suited for hard and dry soils.


Flex Roller

Elastic rings roller, each single ring is made of 4 independent elastic elements for a uniform consolidation of the soil.
Adjustable scrapers are mounted in between the rings for breaking clouds and cleaning the roller. This roller is designed for medium heavy soil even with residues from previous crops.

Technical data

  icon_prof_coltivatore icon_vomere_coltivatore_puma icon_distanza_tra_ancore
Mod. HP mm. mm. mm. (n°) mm. Kg
Cayman CF-400 TOP-MECC 200-250 4000 2800 300 13 290 2736
Cayman CF-400 TOP-SPRING 200-270 4000 2800 300 13 290 3036


  • 8cm-chisels with 36 cm. fins and right and left conveyors
  • Tractor hitch cat. 3
  • Disassemblable chisel tine support with the exclusive anchoring system on a diagonal frame
  • Quick adjustment of the levelling notched disc set