Sharing for collective growth 

A new department created and developed thanks to many years of experience in the field and exchanging knowledge with professionals, listening to the needs of the market, sharing ideas, requirements, projects and innovations alongside those who work with our products on a daily basis, drawing our strength from the people who matter. We are convinced that to be competitive on the current market, in a constantly evolving sector, it is essential to give due value to the knowledge, experience, skill and talent of employees and partners, so that we can guarantee our development in line with the times. To achieve this major objective, it is vital to set out a well-structured training pathway, with the main aim of providing effective tools to reach our short and long term goals. Thus the Alpego Training Department does not only deal with internal training, still an essential part of the process, but also extends to external partners and international clients, offering opportunities for highly qualified technical, commercial, strategic and communicative training sessions, constantly updated and one of a kind on the market.