seed-drill Mercury M2S

The mechanic seed-drill Mod. Mercury M2S.

Icona spaglio

Broadcasting sowing

As an alternative or an addition on the regular seed-drill bar on all Alpego pneumatic seed-drills.
– Reduced overall rear dimensions and weights;
– Mechanical and operational simplicity;
– Optimum and uniform distribution under any condition.

Barra spaglio Alpego

– Capacity hopper (750 Liters)
– Seed distribution through seeding rollers suited for fine and large seeds
– Metering of seed quantity through a continuous variation device in an oil bath
– Seed-collecting trays for the calibration test and for emptying the hopper
– Ground drive wheel with free wheel
– Stepping board for hopper fi lling with a foldable ladder
– Electric indicator of the seed level in the hopper
– Seed conveyors for the complete emptying of the hopper
– Rear lights and light-supporting boards
– Stands for safe parking of the machine

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Icona pettine copriseme

Following harrow

The following harrow is a device at the rear of the coulter ant it consists of a rake which cover up the drilled seeds when going over them.

Pettine copriseme
Icona dischi preemergenza

Pre-emergence weeding discs

The pre-emergence weeding discs mark the gauge of the wheel track combined with the tramline system.

Disco premergenza Alpego
Icona Esclusione idr barra semina

Hydraulic bar exclusion

The shut-off of the hydraulic drill bar makes it possible to lift – and therefore – shut off the drill bar.

Esclusione idraulica Alpego
Esclusione barra semina Alpego

Miniatura depliant meccaniche

Brochure Mechanic Seed-drill IT – GB – DE

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