seed-drill Jet-M

The pneumatic seed-drill JET-M has been designed to guarantee the most simple level of use and to maximise its versatility.
It can be combined with different models of ALPEGO power harrows’range, and used with tractors with power from 120 to 200 hp.
Its “Efficient inside” system feature a low power demanding hydraulic turbine, its “AIRON” metering unit with a simple calibration system and suitable to different kind of sedes, and a complete electronic handling of the seeding.

Icona dosatore airon

Volumetric metering unit Airon

The new metering unit Alpego AIRON guarantees a perfect combination between ease of use and performance.
The dosing rotor can be easily reached and replaced, and available in a wide range of different volumes.

Dosatore AIRON
Icona Tramline

The tram-line closing valves

The new tram-line closing valves allow the use of all of the most common systems for distribution of herbicides. The controlling unit, precisely reduces the distribution of the product to the closed lines.

valvole tramline


The ROTAL system is an innovative system consisting of a spinning impeller located in the centre of the distribution head, that promotes a more uniform distribution of the seed to the seeding rows even in hilly areas thus reducing by a 50% factor the error in distribution homogeneity.

N.B: Only available for cereal configuration.

· Big hopper (1000 liters)
· Forward position of the center of gravity
· Seed-bar directly connected with the hopper through a parallelogram (FAST configuration)
· Seed-bar directly connected with the hopper through a parallelogram and integrated with the motion of the rear roller (AUTO-LEVEL configuration)
· Double distribution head positioned directly on the seed-bar, characterized by high precision even at the max. angle of inclination thanks to the Turbo ROTAL  system
·  Completely electronic management of the sowing operation, from the GPS reading of the speed to the distribution through an electric motor
· New AIRON distributor made completely of stainless steel with a strong and indeformable structure to guarantee unaltered high precision in the course of time

 Larg trasportoFalcioniDistanz tra file seminaPeso
Jet-X 3003000300024125
Jet-X 3503500350028125

Icona dischi preemergenza

Pre-emergence weeding discs

The pre-emergence weeding discs mark the gauge of the wheel track combined with the tramline system.

Disco premergenza Alpego
Icona Dischi segnafila

Row-marking disc

The row-marking disc is a device which marks a reference line in the ground in order to make the drilling operation easier.

Disco segnafila Alpego
Icona ruotino gomma

Small rubber wheel for depth control

The small rubber wheel for depth control is a device which makes it possible to adjust the depth of each drilling coulter disc.

Ruotino gomma
icona gamba appoggio jetm

Kit parking stands

Kit parking stands suited for the hitching and unhitching operations.

gambe appoggio jetm

Miniatura JET-M

Brochure pneumatic seed-drill Jet-M GB-DE

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