Alpego has been designing and manufacturing farming implements for more than 25 years. At present the range includes for the following tasks for tractors from 30 to 600 hp:

  • deep soil breaking

  • seedbed preparation

  • soil preparation

  • sowing

  • fertilizing

  • soil care

Alpego Rotary Tillers


Rotary tillers

The rotary cultivator is the perfect implement when it comes to chopping and mixing the upper layers of the soil.

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Rotary Tillers


Power harrows

For many years now power harrow is the most versatile implements for soil cultivation, thank to the fact that it adapts to any type of soil and situation.
Moreover, the possibility of combining it to seed-drills offers a profitable solution for sowing operation as well.

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Disc harrows

The disc harrow is an interesting alternative for combined sowing.

It can be used as a standalone machine or in combination with AS1 or ASF Alpego seed drills.

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Thanks to its several features the subsoiler allows for a deep soil penetration for its full working width.

The use of this implement goes hand in hand with all the cost reduction techniques in the agricultural business.

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The tine cultivator is characterized by its high versatility: it is ideal both for mixing the residues in the top layer of the soil and for their complete incorporation, thanks to the 3 rows of tines (300 mm spacing) and to its considerable height.

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The seed-drill is the ideal instrument for sowing cerelas (wheat, barley, rice, rye etc.), small seeds (clover, oilseed rape etc.) and big seeds (soy beans, peas).

It can  combined to Alpego power harrows.

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Multifunctional  Hoppers

The Fertilizer spreader or front-mounted pneumatic seed-drill is the solution that makes it possible to accomplish two tasks with the same machine.
The front hopper ASF has been designed not only for the drilling of cereals up to a width of 6 meter, but also for the distribution of fertilizer in combination with a precision seed-drill or with a weeding implement.

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Mulchers can be safely operated in many scenarios with optimal results.

Ideal for grass mowing and mulching residues of pruning and wood in vineyards and orchards, for the maintenance of ditches, hedges, road sides etc.

Thank to their reliability, some of the models are the ideal tool to much and shred in open field: bushes, straw, corn stocks, soy and crop residues, wooden or organic material in all sort of situations.

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