Production technologies


Cabine impianto verniciatura

Alpego and the new varnishing plant with state-of-the-art technologies


2015: Leap in quality, new varnishing plant, unique in Europe, having the purpose of guaranteeing the most suitable and best process for each component.

The new plant arrives after as long as four years of study. The initial goal was that of getting a varnishing unit capable of combining the best process within the entire finishing cycle.

Among other features, a quality product must also be long lasting.

Alpego have always striven to obtain very high technical and performance levels for their products. Now Alpego have also thought of considerably stretching the product lifespan.


In the new manufacturing facility in Lonigo, which covers an area of 21,000 square meters, 7,500 of each are occupied by the facility building, we have installed the super-modern treatment and finishing unit, which covers 900 square meters.

Different new processes have been integrated with each other and they are controlled by a powerful computer, which allows us to check and monitor each single phase.




    1. Blasting
    2. Blowing
    3. Degreasing
    4. Rinsing
    5. Rinsing
    6. Nanotechnology
    7. Rinsing with demineralized water
    8. Drying
    9. Undercoat application
    10. Slow and controlled drying
    11. Varnishing
    12. Slow and controlled drying
    13. Baking
    14. Cooling



Mechanical blasting, made with an inverter that can be modulated depending on the item to be treated.

-Liquid chemical treatment consisting of a series of tunnels for washing, degreasing and a pre-treatment which uses that latest technical solutions in the nanotechnology area for a total of 7 stages.

-Booths for the application of liquid varnishes with a 4-stage cycle

-Booths for the application of powder varnishes with a 3-stage cycle

Baking ovens that can be automatically modulated and adapted to each type of product

-Special and exclusive conveying system, designed to optimize the process with the utmost flexibility

-Very substantial electronic components controlled by a sophisticated software which sees to it that all stages of the varnishing process are constantly monitored and checked to guarantee the maximum quality.




Thermic power installed       2,300,000 Kcal

Electric power installed         500 KW

Production rate                       48,000 Kg for an 8-hour shift




The entire plant has been planned and built with the utmost respect for the environment.

There are no emissions of organic volatile compounds, since all varnishes used are of the latest generation, either water-based and/or power varnishes with a method of total recycling.



Flusso di lavoro

Alpego and its organization method

In accordance with the idea of constant improvement, work in Alpego has been translated into streams which start from the acquisition of the raw materials and end with the delivery of the finished product.


Thanks to this philosophy we have established specific check-up points which help to improve the product quality and the customer service.

A self-analyzing system monitors the working streams and promptly informs us in case of irregularities, thereby shortening the search for solutions.

Our goal is to significantly reduce waste and errors with simple but efficient actions:

  • By introducing a massive use of tablets inside the manufacturing facility for the consultation of the technical procedures and documents by our operators, thereby reducing a waste of paper;
  • By using the production or idle time declarations of the operators to correct possible errors in the pre-existing procedures;
  • By exploiting the information coming from the market to add new services or to simplify existing ones


All the above is made possible by our management system, which we introduced in 2012, which is constantly developed and improved by our own personnel, without being subject to rigid rules thought of and dictated by others.