Organization method

Flusso di lavoro

In accordance with the idea of constant improvement, work in Alpego has been translated into streams which start from the acquisition of the raw materials and end with the delivery of the finished product.


Thanks to this philosophy we have established specific check-up points which help to improve the product quality and the customer service.

A self-analyzing system monitors the working streams and promptly informs us in case of irregularities, thereby shortening the search for solutions.

Our goal is to significantly reduce waste and errors with simple but efficient actions:

  • By introducing a massive use of tablets inside the manufacturing facility for the consultation of the technical procedures and documents by our operators, thereby reducing a waste of paper;
  • By using the production or idle time declarations of the operators to correct possible errors in the pre-existing procedures
  • By exploiting the information coming from the market to add new services or to simplify existing ones.



All the above is made possible by our management system, which we introduced in 2012, which is constantly developed and improved by our own personnel, without being subject to rigid rules thought of and dictated by others.