Seminatrice microgranulare APE

“Security Mix” is the exclusive patented system specifically designed for green manure or a mix of different products, that avoids the separation of the different kind of seeds caused by vibrations.

This allows the even distribution of the mix from the beginning to the end of the job



Trasmissione centrale Alpego con tenute

Exclusive and patented the “CENTRAL DRIVE GEAR BOX” made of solid
GEARS (no belts, no chains!) with all the range of Alpego Rotary Cultivators is equipped.


The concept consists on the central transmission that drives the spinning torque from the PTO to the two half rotors through solid gears.

This guarantees maximum reliability and less torque dispersion.
Another advantage is the absence of the lateral transmission and therefore a reduction of the overall width.



Also the central and lateral mechanical seals in oil bath allowing for maximum reliability in extreme conditions also in water immersion.

Confronto trasmissione frese


Rotore Twinforce ita

Rather than a tapered roller it is a TWIN-FORCE!


The TWIN-FORCE system consists of two rotors mounted on conical bearings, joined together by one support.

This allows for longer tines and guarantees high reliability and an increased efficiency also in conjunction with high tractor powers.

Rotore Twinforce ita

The Alpego Twin Force system offers at least 5 advantages to the user :
1. Increased working height of the power harrow;
2. Higher working forward speed;
3. Longer lifespan and endurance of the power harrow;
4. Better mixing of the soil;
5. Easier maintenance of the power harrow;



Volumetric metering unit DOSAL is built in wear-resistant stainless-steel materials for maximum reliability. Suited also for processed seeds or fertilizers.


Highest use flexibility of the volumetric metering unit: suitable for small and large seeds and fertilizer (from 1.8 to 350 kg/hectare) with a few simple adjustments.

DOSAL dosatore ant

1) Improved drill calibration, easy recovery of the product during the calibration process, thanks to the swinging fl ap.;

2) Speed-variation through gears

3) Volumetric adjustment for large and fi ne seeds

4) Quick access, even to the lower part of the venturi for better cleaning.;

DOSAL dosatore post

5) Large opening for the clearing of the metering unit. This is particularly useful when preparing the machines for storage;

6) Quick rear discharge of the seeds which can be shut even with a full hopper;

7) Practical bag and digital dynamometer for weighing during the calibration process.


Airspeed AS4

The revolutionary and patented Alpego system.


The system makes it possible to transfer the seeds from a large front hopper to a small rear distribution vessel placed over the power harrow, thereby granting a higher drilling precision, less waste of seeds and the optimum balance of the tractor.

  1. Front hopper does not need any hydraulic, mechanical or electric power intake
  2. Easy-fi t hose for seed transfer
  3. Automatic seed transfer
  4. Rear distribution vessel capacity 150 Kg allowing for a constant seed fl ow on the metering unit
  5. Volumetric metering unit
  6. Hydraulic fan
  7. Rear distribution head close to the sowing coulter
  8. Seeding bar with rubber stocks
  9. Parallelogram linkage to the roller


Camera taglio

Exclusive to Alpego is the SSA “Super Shredder Alpego mulching chamber (patented).


Mulching chamber, whose volume is variable: by changing the position of the rear gate it is possible to obtain two different types of work.

cofano erba

Grass mowing: the rear gate remains shut, and the mulched product is not thrown out of the machine.

For: Cutting of grass, bushes, thick vegetation.


Turbo-mulcher wood-mulching function: with the rear gate kept low the wooden
residues are finely mulched: they remain within the chamber until they
are mulched as finely as possible.

For: Vines, underbrush, prunings, wood