power harrow Rotodent BE

The strong, multi-purpose rigid power harrow ROTODENT BE is available in the working widths 2.5 and 3 m.;

for tractors from 65 to 120 HP.

Icona barra affinamento Alpego

Levelling bar on roller. Independently adjustable

The leveling bar of the ALPEGO power harrows is directly attached to the rear roller.
This makes it possible to maintain a constant height from the ground, thereby improving the leveling quality and reducing the power absorbed by the power harrow.

Barra affinamento
Icona Protezione anteriore

Stone guards under the gear trough

The front guards prevent rocks from entering to cause rotor damage.

Protezioni anteriori erpici
Icona rotore SFERA Alpego

Rotors designed to avoid soil jamming

Standard Power harrows ball bearing

Rotore SFERA Alpego

– 540 rpm single speed gearbox (rotor rotation 300 rpm)
– Linkage cat. 2 oscillating
– Movable side plates
– Levelling board on roller. Independently adjustable
– Universal joint with shear bolt 1″3/8 Z=6

 Trattore potenzaLarg lavoroLarg trasportoProf DenteRotoreDentiPeso°)(n°)Kg
Rotodent BE-25065-120250025002501010+10670
Rotodent BE-30070-120298030002501212+12750

Icona Rompitraccia Alpego

Track eraser pair

Icona Semiprotezione rotore

One half rock guards

Not only do the half guards protect the rotors from wearing off, they also improve the crumbling effect and the work quality of the soil.

Semiprotezioni erpici
Icona Correttore idraulico Alpego

Hydraulic depth adjustment

Icona Attacco idraulico Alpego

Hydraulic carrier for mounting a seed drill

for rigid machines:

Attacco idraulico fissi

for folding machines:

Attacco idraulico pieghevole
Icona rullo GABBIA Alpego

Cage roller

The CAGE roller is suitable for dry soils of medium density. With the extra kits (available only for the G5 series) it is possible to add some pipes to the cage, thereby increasing the supporting surface.

The structure of the cage does not make it suitable to support very heavy loads, such as the combined implements.

Icona rullo SPUNTONI Alpego

Spike roller

The SPIKE roller is very versatile, it works well even when the soil is damp and compacted.
It can be used in the combinations with the seed drill

Icona rullo SPIRAL Alpego

Spiral roller

The SPIRAL roller creates a soft and uniform seeding surface and is suitable for medium and light soils.

Icona Rullo CRUMB Alpego

Crumb roller

The CRUMB roller is suitable for working friable soil, also heavy and wet, and allows a good crumbling and compaction before seeding. Scrapers avoid stopping.

Icona rullo PACKER Alpego

Packer roller

The PACKER roller has a tubular structure with a large diameter: this makes it very sturdy and particularly suited for the combinations with seed drills. Several rows of tines guarantee the traction on the ground and a series of adjustable brushes keeps each of them clean.

The result is a compact surface, perfect for sowing.


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Brochure Rigid and foldable Power harrows IT – GB – FR

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